24x7 Service Desk

24x7 Service Desk

The DSS Service Desk solves problems and answers questions – quickly and affordably – keeping your end-users productive and allowing your IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives. Our technicians support both custom business applications and standard hardware, software, and connectivity issues for our worldwide subscriber base. Our people, processes and technology give you the information to identify trends and anticipate training needs, increase responsiveness to your internal (or external) customers, and ultimately help you secure the reputation of providing quality service to your business users.

The DSS 24×7 Service Desk provides clients with a central point of contact to report and manage incidents and requests related to the provisioning of IT services. Our experience, flexibility to adapt to your requirements, and commitment to Service Level requirements is what sets DSS apart from others. We have proven business practices that can minimize logistical complexities and operating costs. And all services are customizable to meet the technical support requirements of your organization – including Tier 1 and Tier 2 support, after hours support, and Service Desk Co-Sourcing.


Our team uses a best practices approach to log, track and manage incidents reported by customers and we use an ITIL-compliant IT Service Management system to provide daily, weekly, monthly and targeted metrics and analysis reports which provide management reporting on various aspects of IT services, including Incident, Problem and Change Management. With self-service portal for users and customizable reports, DSS provides buisness process automation and helps clients measure the effectiveness of incident and problem management processes, customer satisfaction and provide a catalyst for continuous process improvement and timelier incident and problem resolution.

Key Features of 24×7 Service Desk Include:

  • Knowledgeable, certified, US-based in-house staff
  • 24×7×365 coverage capability
  • Multi-technology support
  • Complete trouble ticket tracking and reporting solution
  • Optional shared operational control with your in-house help desk team
  • On-site escalation support available

Importance of First Call Resolution

First Call Resolution

First Call Resolution at the Service Desk is a fundamental and critical metric because of its powerful impact on both service cost and service quality. Click Here to receive our article entitled, “Measuring and Improving Performance: The Importance of First Call Resolution”.

Infrastructure Management & Support


Managing server and network performance is often a complex proposition, requiring automated tools, skilled engineers, and most importantly, constant vigilance. DSS offers a comprehensive solution to the complex and costly challenge of monitoring and managing infrastructure for maximum availability.
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IT Staffing

As a comprehensive technology solution provider, DSS is uniquely qualified to offer an IT Staffing Practice—and help you increase capabilities, maintain flexibility, and reduce costs. Get More Details on IT Staffing Solutions.

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