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ServersThe amount of data held by companies is growing exponentially, but resources are not. Identifying, integrating and managing the right servers and storage can be challenging. DSS can help with our comprehensive set of Server and Storage Services to help companies optimize IT investments, improve performance, achieve availability objectives and avoid unnecessary costs. We can help you optimize your computing environment while providing a cost-effective method to improve utilization, availability, security and management. In addition, you can leverage emerging technologies and transfer technology risk, while focusing on your core business.

DSS has an experienced and proactive team of server and storage specialists who can guide your project from start to finish. We can provide on-site planning, migration and upgrade services for a company’s server and storage environment.

Server & Storage Services include:

  • Migration
  • Management

We can help your organization meet requirements for:

  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Redeployment
  • Ease of management
  • Affordability
  • Accessibility
  • Manageability


Virtualizing your IT infrastructure lets you reduce IT costs while increasing the efficiency, utilization, and flexibility of your existing assets.  With a single server functioning as multiple virtual servers, you can efficiently access and manage resources to reduce operations and systems management costs while maintaining needed capacity.

Benefit from IT flexibility and responsiveness with a single, consolidated view of, and easy access to, all available resources in the network, regardless of location. You’ll not only reduce your hardware footprint, but you enjoy benefits such as easy hardware reuse and redeployment, simplified server configuration, and streamlined provisioning and maintenance. Our virtualization and other managed IT services can help you experience real benefits. Lower costs, save energy and make your business more agile.

Benefits of Virtualization Include:

  • Maximize capital and operating costs savings
  • Increase availability of hardware and applications for improved business continuity
  • Reduce hardware requirements
  • Gain operational flexibility
  • Get more out of your existing resources

Server High Availability

High availability (HA) has long been like life insurance: IT managers know they need it, but the hard-to-quantify return on investment poses a challenge.  Budget watchers struggle with how much is enough to spend for server and storage resources that might remain idle most of the time.  Now, new HA strategies mean you don’t have to make that choice.  The right technologies configured within an effective high-availability architecture keep data and systems protected against extended outages, while also contributing processing power for day-to-day tasks when crises aren’t looming.

Information is as fundamental to your business as cash flow, raw materials, and human resources.  It’s an essential part of your organizational engine.  Information supplies your business with the fuel it needs to perform tasks and make decisions. Without a continuous flow of up-to-the minute information, you are operating with one hand tied behind your back.

Information availability requires a delicate balance between operational efficiency and data safeguarding and management.  You may already be allocating budget and resources to establish and improve information availability within your organization. If you are, you no doubt want to do what’s right—and have every hope that you are on the right track. If you are not, you should be—because your competition probably is.

Take time to make a few considerations about your data and get on the road to competitive advantage through information availability:

  • Is it safe?
  • Is it secure?
  • Is it costing too much?
  • Is it holding you back?
  • Is it helping you succeed?

Contact DSS to find out how you can achieve information availability and what benefits you can expect.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster RecoveryKeep your business up and running in the event of a disaster. Secure one of your most valuable assets – your data – and minimalize lost productity and revenues. Understand Disaster Recovery Solutions.



Efficiently access and manage resources to reduce operations and systems management costs while maintaining needed capacity.
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