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Since 2007, we have been keeping critical servers and applications up and running 24x7x365, enabling our customers to deliver the best results and grow their businesses. We combine the efficiency and flexibility of cloud computing with our experience in hosting to identify and deliver the right cloud for you.

realCloud Hosting Options:

PUBLIC CLOUD allows fast provisioning on a resilient, secure infrastructure – all completely managed by DSS.

PRIVATE CLOUD delivers all the benefits of cloud computing on your own dedicated hardware.

HYBRID HOSTING gives you the ability to gradually expand or migrate your existing infrastructure to a cloud-based solution in ways that work for your business and security objectives.

DSS realCloud Portfolio

It’s affordable. You can keep your costs predictable with a fixed monthly fee, or pay for only for what you use on an hourly basis. DSS’s hourly plans are unique because they allow you to stop your servers without having to destroy them – you pay only for the storage they occupy when not running.

It’s flexible. Add new servers and resources in just minutes, and dial them back when you don’t need them. Windows and Linux are available, or you can bring your own OS.

We’ll do the heavy lifting. DSS cloud engineers will help you design, provision, and migrate to your cloud environment. And if you like, we’ll also backup, monitor, and patch your servers so you can focus just on your apps.

We’re always here. Our Technical Operations Center is manned 24x7x365 to keep an eye on your environment, and they’re available anytime you have a question or need assistance.

On-Demand Webinar

say hello to hybrid

Webinar on Monitor

The global business environment demands more speed and agility than ever.

In this webinar hosted by DSS and Frost & Sullivan, you'll discover how implementing a hybrid cloud will better prepare you for heavier workloads and the many other business challenges of today.

Watch the webinar now.

Hybrid Cloud Whitepaper

Leveraging Specialized Hardware and Expertise in a Mid-Market Cloud

In this brief, Frost & Sullivan discusses the mid-market’s need for hybrid cloud solutions, how the right infrastructure can better support such configurations today and in the future, and the value that the right MSP can offer mid-market businesses.  Download the article now

On-Demand Webinar

Building a Real Cloud

Building a Real Cloud Webinar

DSS  takes you through the process of building a cloud from the ground up. 

Our Chief Technology Officer, Scott Kantner, will share our experiences building DSS' realCloud for businesses of all types and industries. 

Download the webinar recording to learn exactly what's involved in building a cloud and how it would actually work in your environment.


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