Disaster Recovery

It’s virtually impossible to completely protect your network and data from incidents like hardware failures, natural disasters, human error, and accidents. It’s critical to have IT disaster recovery (DR) as part of your business continuity plan in place to ensure your business maintains acceptable levels of service to employees, partners and customers in the face of a variety of worst case scenarios

DSS can design, deploy and manage a DR plan and make it less painful—and more affordable for you. We work directly with our customers to design the right plan for each customer’s business, technical and budget needs – so rest assured, your data will “be there” when you need it.

Key Benefits of Disaster Recovery include:

  • Replicate critical files
  • Critical support for physical & virtualized environments
  • Access to team of certified professionals to deploy & support your solution
  • Flexibly backup schedules


Download 6 Pitfalls of Subscription Based DR Whitepaper

In this white paper, we explore the pros and cons of subscription-based disaster recovery and take a look at the current alternatives.

Download DR Whitepaper.

Case Study

F&M Success Story

Find out how Franklin & Marshall College, an undergraduate liberal arts college with approximately 2,100 students, experienced a near disaster involving water in the basement level where their data center is located before turning to DSS for a solution.

Download F&M Case Study.

Managed Backup

Safeguard your data in the event of unforeseen hardware or software failures, or even human error. Leverage DSS backup expertise to minimize the risk of lost data and more importantly the risk of lost business.
Learn More about Managed Backup. 

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