IT White Papers

IT White Papers

DSS is pleased to offer the following white papers on topics related to our solutions.

 Five Tough Questions
Six Pitfalls
Tape vs. Disk
Understanding Downtime

How Mid-Market Companies Can Optimize Their Technology Investments Through Managed IT Solutions
In a recent Frost & Sullivan survey, mid-market business leaders identified their top IT challenge as “keeping up with new technology.” The concern isn’t just academic: in today’s hypercompetitive global business environment, adopting the right technology solutions can help a midsize business succeed against larger competitors.

Five Tough Questions You Should Be Asking About Information Availability
In this white paper, we explore the delicate balance between operational efficiency and data safeguarding and management for information availability.

Six Pitfalls of Subscription-Based Disaster Recovery – and Five Alternative Solutions
In this white paper, we explore the pros and cons of subscription-based disaster recovery and take a look at the current alternatives.

Tape Vs. Disk – 6 Questions To Ask Yourself
In this white paper, we explore the basics of both disk and tape technologies and help you match your backup requirements with the right backup strategy.

Understanding Downtime
In this white paper, we explore what the implications are of downtime and how to be proactive.

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