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DSS IT Solutions for EducationLike most other enterprises, educational organizations are concerned about cost, performance, and reliability.  Security is another major worry, as educational organizations strive to protect students’ personal information and academic records, as well as test documents and a variety of business-oriented data.  And while budgets are shrinking, technology demands continue to rise.

It’s a challenging time to be in education.  We understand the pressure to deliver cutting-edge technology, ensure security and stability, and comply with regulations.  We understand the need to balance an open, accessible academic environment with the threat of data breaches and IT disasters.  DSS combines best-of-breed technology with a dedicated staff to deliver customized data center solutions. Contact DSS today to see how we can help your organization. For more information on our capabilities and possible managed IT services, please review our education solutions below.


Education Solutions Include:

End-User Device Management
Educational users – including administrators, teachers and students – have become increasingly dependent on the technology they use each day outside of school.  DSS can help lower lifetime support costs, reduce exposure to security risk, and deliver lifecycle value to the organization.  Read how we've helped Villanova University

Data Center Hosting
Budget cuts, a demand for specialized skills, complexity created by alternative learning paths are all areas impacting the IT departments in education.  DSS can help your organization rise above these educational challenges through innovation, technology, and data center hosting solutions.

Disaster Recovery
Education institutions not only need to safeguard data on students, but also on significant research projects, grants and donations, and other crucial financial data that make these institutions as much like traditional businesses as schools.  With less flexibility in the time it takes to recover from a disaster, let DSS help ensure your data is safe and secure and available when you need it.

24/7 Service Desk
DSS provides effective and comprehensive IT Service Desk support to keep students and staff up and running and ultimately improve the education experience.

DSS Service Desk

The DSS Service Desk solves problems and answers questions – quickly and affordably – keeping your end-users productive and allowing your IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

DSS Service Desk Overview
Watch the DSS Service Desk video

End User Device Services

With our state-of-the-art Integration Center, DSS can configure, manage, update and deploy hundreds of systems a day. We provide seamless IT lifecycle refresh End User Device Servicesservices through our combined capabilities of procurement, warehousing, integration and national deployment. Learn more about End User Device Services.

DSS-Villanova Educause MARC12 Presentation

Campus IT exists to support, empower, and advance the institution's educational mission and business processes.  DSS/Villanova Higher Ed Presentation
Yet, emerging Cloud concepts and evolving institutional requirements are bringing greater complexity to IT departments.  Villanova University partnered with DSS to manage this complexity.  Learn how.  

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