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DSS serves a broad range of markets – the combination of our many data center resources and facilities and our commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations, makes DSS a great choice for any project. We bring together technology expertise and a solid understanding of various markets to design, deploy, optimize and secure the data center solutions you need to successfully meet your unique IT challenges and responsibilities.

Key Markets & Industries Include:

  • Healthcare: Data management, data sharing and systems integration, and deployment of new IT capabilitiesare challenges in this sector. DSS can help healthcare entities find the right technology solutions for your organization.
  • Education: Educational organizations are concerned about cost, performance, and reliability. We understand the pressure to deliver cutting-edge technology, ensure security and stability, and comply with regulations.
  • Mid-Market: Our mid-market solutions are designed to help you determine where you are, where you want to go, and how to better leverage the resources you have — people and technology — to get there.

DSS IT Solutions for Healthcare DSS IT Solutions for Education DSS IT Solutions for Mid-Market Business

Solution Guides

DSS Solution Guides

Learn more about DSS Solutions with our detailed Solution Guides.  Discover key features, benefits, available options, client value, and the certifications and skills we have to support them.  Download a DSS Solution Guide. 


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Case Studies

DSS Success Stories

Want to see our industry solutions in action?  Check out some of our success stories to see how DSS is helping customers in a variety of markets and industries with all of their IT needs.  Read DSS Case Studies. 

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